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Boy in dentist's chair having his teeth worked on.

Community Health Fund projects help strengthen and support the community-wide grid of resources and opportunities that help make Alamance County a good place to work, live and raise a family.

Stronger Teeth, Healthier Community Dental health is an important component of physical health, but many lower-income families don’t have dental insurance and may not have the resources to get regular dental care. Impact Alamance has worked to bridge this gap by funding increased dental care for Alamance County.

The Open Door Clinic, which provides medical services to uninsured adults, had a vision to provide adult dental care. Piedmont Health’s Burlington Community Health Center shared this vision for their patients as well, but neither organization had the capacity to start the clinic independently.

In 2016, the two agencies joined forces to provide all their patients with dental care. The partnership allows the two organizations to better serve the health needs of some of our community’s most vulnerable patients. This new adult dental clinic was equipped using a $50,000 Impact Alamance grant, awarded in 2015.

In 2016, Impact Alamance awarded $40,000 to a county-run dental clinic that serves children. The clinic, which is managed by the Alamance County Health Department but receives no county funding, needed new furnishings and new dental equipment to bring it up to modern standards.

Group of young girls playing violin Building Brains through Music Young Musicians of Alamance seeks to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to develop social, academic and musical skills. The program recruits students in public schools and then provides them instruments, professional music instruction and a supportive environment. The students also have opportunities to perform.

Impact Alamance awarded a $11,500 grant to the organization, most of which was used to purchase musical instruments. The program is based on research that shows that intensive music instruction improves listening skills and supports critical neurological development in children.

YMA is particularly focused on serving children living in poverty, who may otherwise have limited opportunities to participate in enrichment activities such as music lessons.

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Young girl holding a violin
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